Healthcare Solutions

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Cenveo Healthcare Solutions knows change is the only constant…

And we know that you are constantly responding to changes in the healthcare industry and the need to provide effective communications to your members.
We take a detailed approach in understanding the healthcare lifecycle, and partner with you to anticipate evolving compliance and communication requirements, so that you are positioned to respond quickly and serve your market, while managing cost effective resources.

We offer years of experience and end-to-end communication services that support the following healthcare markets:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial/Group
  • Consumer/Individual
  • PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers)
  • TPAs (Third Party Administrators)
  • FEHBP (Federal Employee Health Benefits Program)

Direct Marketing & Distribution

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Pre-Sale & Open Enrollment
  • Plan summaries
  • Welcome Kits
  • Forms & Directories
  • Posters & Signage
  • Envelopes
  • Marketing, Trade Show & Health Fair Collateral
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Wellness Communications & Newsletters
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager Communications
  • Formularies & ID Cards
  • Explanation of Benefits/Annual Notification of Change (EOB/ANOC)
  • Geo-Coded Directories
Member Retention
  • Plan Communications
  • Geo-coded Pharmacy Notifications
  • Provider Communications
  • Employee Education
  • Triggered Marketing for Enhanced Member Engagement
Cenveo provides complete direct marketing services, and delivers a distributive nationwide ISO 27001:2013 Certified mail strategy.
  • 100% mail complete programs (HIPAA & CMS compliance)
  • Complete proof of mailing with maximum USPS visibility (HIPAA & CMS compliance)
  • Patient statement mail programs & portal interaction (HIPAA & CMS compliance)
  • List segmentation based on member level information (HIPAA & CMS compliance)
  • Intelligent inserter (match mailing) capable of inserting up to three personalized inserts of various weights and substrates (HIPAA & CMS compliance)
  • In-house post office and central locations allow us to enter the mail stream quickly, delivering to 65% of the US population within 36 hours
  • Hand and machine fulfillment
  • Pick, pack, & ship
  • Print On Demand
  • eSolutions
  • BMC (bulk mail center) delivery
  • Full NCOA/CASS Certification

Lifecycle Model

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Annual Notice of Change

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Cenveo Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest producers of ANOC packages in the United States, and an industry leader in developing CMS composition solutions. We deliver real-time information sharing and improved operational efficiencies, speeding innovation into practice and mitigating risk through our expertise and secure practices.

Other Cenveo Healthcare Solutions features include:
  • Direct support from the USPS in Washington, D.C.
  • Post back/responder file logic and automation capabilities
  • Increased level of visibility through delivery points within the USPS
  • A collaborative pagination and on-line proofing platform
  • Real-time production web portal support
  • Supplier diversity

Envelock Envelope

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for added security and data protection

The Cenveo Healthcare Solutions research and development team is focused on improving member experience on behalf of our customers - whether that means providing translation services for member materials or creating a more secure way to send materials. Our Envelock product was created for optimal protection within the mailstream to safeguard all of your confidential material.
  • Mailpiece Integrity  Adding up to 20% of additional seal strength, Envelock uses a proprietary-formulated glue that not only creates a strong adhesive bond, but is also tamper-evident
  • Secure for Your Customers  Avoid open or unsealed envelopes arriving to your clients. Envelock adhesive provides an outstanding defense against improper sealing and mail fraud
  • Tamper-Evident Protection  Envelock's green pattern, provides proof of tamper-evidence if the mailpiece was opened. Micro-perf protection can be added intot he seal flap for further security evidence
  • The Options are Unlimited  Exclusively from Cenveo, Envelock can be applied towards any envelope construction for added privacy

508 PDFs

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Section 508 of the U.S. Code is the law that requires federal agencies and their contractors to adhere to a minimal level of accessibility. Cenveo Healthcare Solutions helps Medicare, Medicaid, consumer and commercial organizations comply with federal guidelines and ensure content is accessible and adheres to the 508 standards. On February 18, 2015 the United States Access Board released a proposed rule for updating accessibility requirements.

Download our 508 Compliance Sheet